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Research Proposal On Capital Structure

TOPIC: Research Proposal on Cost of Capital Structure and Capital Budgeting Analysis Assignment However, a sensitivity analysis reveals that the project is highly sensitive to the unit price, and to cost factors. The long-term time frame and high degree of sensitivity call into question the risk inherent in the project.

  • This paper investigates the impact of capital structure on profitability of the manufacturing companies in India and attempts to establish the hypothesized relationship as to how far the capital structure variables affect the business revenue of companies and what the interrelationship is between capital structure variable and profitability.

  • This paper highlights the major gaps in the literature on determinants of capital structure and also aims to raise specific questions for future research.,The prominence of research is assessed by studying the year of publication and region, level of economic development, firm size, data collection methods, data analysis techniques and theoretical.

  • Thus, we propose the following five avenues for future research on Capital Structure of SMEs: 1. Conceptual studies on the behavioral aspect Cluster One deals with capital structure theory building and theory testing. While studying theories, we have found that there is a scarcity of behavioral theory in capital structure research.

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