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Squeeze Ooyoo for Decoration

It can be hard to use your favorite spreads as a decoration, especially if you don't have a squeeze bottle handy and aren't a pro baker with piping bags lying around.

Here is a quick, easy fix that will allow you to use Ooyoo dessert spread as decoration for your baked treats.

Simply find a small, clean clear bag (here we use a Zip-lock).

Fill one corner with Ooyoo spread (or whatever spread you want to decorate with) - add however much you intend to decorate with or use.

Cut a very small hole off the tip of the corner where the Ooyoo is.

Hold and squeeze the bag to push the Ooyoo out of the small hole in the corner. You can create different thickness depending on the size and shape of the hole.

Decorate your favorite desserts, or drizzle over fruit and ice cream - enjoy!