Frequently asked questions


How do I place an order?

Placing an order is simple! You can order through our online site here We also currently sell at the Northeast Minneapolis Farmers Market! Please stop by to say "Hi" and try some free samples! *Do note that all orders have to be placed at least five (5) days before pick-up!

Why are there little dots in my spread?

We use whole leaf earl grey tea, cinnamon sticks and cocoa for flavoring. So, if you find any dark dots in your spread, that is the result of our use of whole, natural ingredients and our handpacked process for ooyoo.

Why is there a product "swirl" on the lid, and some empty space in my jar?

The swirl you might find on the lid of your jar is evidence of the hand-packed nature of our filling process! We pack and fill all of our jars by hand. After we wash and sanitize the jars and fill them with ooyoo, we seal the lid and invert the jars as part of our process to ensure the safest product. Because ooyoo is a such a thick and rich spread, often product will remain on the lid, and there might be some empty space in the product in the rest of the jar from this swirl. The first person who opens the jar gets to eat the swirl.

Does ooyoo contain any allergans?

Our products contain milk and honey. In addition, ooyoo is currently produced in shared commercial kitchen facility that processes common allergans such as peanuts, tree nuts, soy, gluten and shellfish. While we do our very best to omit any allergans in our products, we do not advise anyone with a severe allergy to try our product at this time.


Do you ship internationally?

Unfortunately, we do not ship internationally at this time.

Shipping is expensive! Is there any other way to get your product?

We are aware of how expensive shipping can be! We use glass jars and metal lids to make our product packaging sustainable - unfortunately that means more weights. To make things easier and more affordable, we also offer free in-person pick up at either of our two locations: 1. Northeast Minneapolis location across from the Food Building at 1331 Marshall St. NE, Minneapolis MN, 55413 2. Our shared commercial kitchen, The Good Acre, located at 1790 Larpenteur Ave. W, Falcon Heights, MN 55113. Please place an order and leave a note that you would like to pick up your order, your preferred location, and whether you prefer to be contacted by email or phone number. We will arrange a pickup time at your earliest convenience! Additionally, we are available at Curiosity in NE Minneapolis ( as well as Gustaf's Up North Gallery in Lindstrom, MN ( - please stop by there to check out our products! If you like our products, please contact your local grocery store or co-op and let them know you'd like to see ooyoo on their shelves!