Do You Ooyoo?

When you pick up a jar of Ooyoo, you hold in your hands something special. A jar full of magic. A wonderful alchemy of love, energy, time and premium ingredients hand-stirred together to create something more than the sum of the parts. 


In humble Minnesota, we personally stir and handcraft each jar in small batches to ensure the highest quality and best flavor. We carefully make each jar to offer something delicious, something different, something to share and savor. 


Ooyoo spreads are meant to surprise and delight. We are small yet mighty, and we strive to make the absolute best spreads possible. 

Guaranteed Joy

We want to be your new favorite spread. If your jar of Ooyoo doesn’t bring you joy, please let us know - we will make it right. 

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Our Story

We are a husband and wife team excited to share our culture and passion through our dessert spreads. 


Our story together started through a chance meeting between a Korean and a Minnesotan while both traveling abroad. Today, our story continues: the next chapter begins with a shared curiosity and desire to explore, build community and connect with others.


Inspired by modern trends in Korea and old-school recipes, we created a spread with flavors inspired by wanderlust and nostalgia. 


Through alchemy of time and simple, flavorful ingredients, we’ve created a luscious spread that will nourish the body and excite the senses. We hope to provide delicious joyful moments to share with loved ones and help savor your day.


Nick & Ahreum